Executive Conferences


Frederic Le Roy is a sought-after speaker for executive conferences, where he presents and explains the concept of coopetition and how it can be profitable for the enterprises. If you want to know more please contact him by phone: +33 4 34 43 21 14 or use the contact form.

Latest executive conferences:

  • CCI de Caen Normandie, 14 June 2013. Réseau Plato Normandie. Public : 120 directors of  SME, on the subject of: « Coopetition: user manual – Rivalry and collaboration between competitors». Référence : Aubert-Dozeville Julien.
  • Opcalia Languedoc-Roussillon, 18 April 2013, 7th edition of F. d’Or. Public : 300 directors of SME and partners  in Opcalia, on the subject of : « Coopetition: The strategy of synergy between rivals ». Reference: Laurent Clavel, Director, and Dominique Lecerf.
  • Innovallée, 6 December 2012. Conference to celebrate the 40 years of Innovallée. Public: 150 directors of innovative SME, on the subject of: « Coopetition: New strategies of alliances threw the use of SME ». Reference: Annie Soufi, Director.