CoopetitionWhat is coopetition ?

It is the phenomena where competing firms establish and strengthen their competitive advantage through strategic alliances, networks or strategic ecosystems (Astley and Fombrum, 1983; Yami and Le Roy, 2007). The ability to form and manage relationships provides access to others valuable resources, and thus a relational advantage (Le Roy et al., 2010).

The coexistence of cooperation and competition has been recognized in the areas of human resource management, psychology, and strategic management and economics. Although coopetition is often vaguely defined, it centers on an important underlying observation: firms simultaneously engage in two types of interaction with conflicting logics (Bengtsson et al.,2010).

A fundamental issue in the research of coopetition is the question of whether the underlying phenomena is new or not? Alliance relationships between rivals are, after all, established objects of study. Firstly, alliances are an increasingly important phenomenon, thus justifying in-depth research, which in turn often produces new concepts. Secondly, contemporary alliances involve many partners and rivals (Dagnino and Padula, 2002; Lecocq and Yami,2002). New concepts are therefore necessary to capture this growing complexity of alliance relationships between rival firms (Le Roy et al., 2010).

To learn more, please see “Coopetition. Winning Strategies for the 21st Century” (Yami S., Castaldo S., Dagnino G. B. and Le Roy F.)  under  Publications.

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