Frédéric Le RoyFrederic Le Roy is Full Professor at the University of Montpellier (MOMA) and Affiliate Professor at Montpellier Business School. He is director of MRM Strategic Management, which is a part of the MRM Lab (Montpellier Research Management). He also leads the Coopetition research program of LABEX Entreprendre. At MOMA he is the director of the master program “Consulting in Management, Organisation and Strategy”.

The main focus of his research has for more than 20 years been competition, cooperation and coopetition strategies. A secondary subject in his research is the concept of entrepreneurship strategy. He has authored/edited several books and numerous articles in leading management journals. Please find more details about his research fields under Research and Publications.

Furthermore, Frederic Le Roy is a sought-after speaker for executive conferences, where he presents and explains the concept of coopetition. If you want to know more please see Executive Conferences or use the contact form.